Craftsmanship: the value of passion and quality

Ferrari cars are assembled by hand. Every stitch in the leather seats was done by a person. The big name could produce hundreds of cars a day with today’s technology. But they don’t. Instead, they produce about 10 cars a day. Craftsmanship is what sells those cars for hundreds of thousands of dollars. Quality and performance are why customers come back for more. In a world of mass production, nothing is more refreshing than a thoughtfully made product. We salute that, and we too have craftsmanship in our DNA. We curate the Ferrari equivalent of cannabis.

Craftsmanship is no ordinary work

Your life’s work is your craft. It connects you to your “why”. From website coding to nail design, craftsmanship has no limits. So what sets it apart from more casual work? Firstly, there’s passion – that powerful and positive energy. It’s the drive ones feel to get out of bed in the morning, forgetting the clock as they put in the effort. Passion leads to attention and care, which brings us to quality. When a product is created out of purpose, the makers ensure the result is the best possible. Holding the highest standards leads to the highest quality.

Feel the difference

There’s a feeling when you are holding a craft flower in your hand. The result is discerning and elegant. It has a story. It is grown with intention. Here at Pecko, the process allows us to create a sensory experience for the user – from the curated terpene profile, the perfect trim to the weight of the glass jar in your hands. It all comes together to give you a product with a soul.

Our thoughtful process

Our products are created indoors, by the hands of dedicated artisans, skilled workers and careful handlers. Craftsmanship has allowed us to stay aligned with our values. It made it possible for us to create a unique product with respect for the Earth and the art.

That is why we chose to grow our crops using a slower pace. Small batch is correlational to craft cannabis. We like to keep the process as organic as possible, in tune with our people and values.

Call us hopeless romantics

There is something poetic about craftsmanship and the way people dedicate themselves to the process. Our passion for quality is passed on to you, in hopes that it fuels your own personal craft. We hope you fall in love with our flowers just like we did.

Want to know what a craft flower looks like? Head over to Product and browse our selection. You won’t be disappointed.

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